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Biz Plan (Brief)
Minitech Business
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Work weights more than words!

Protected by Patents,Outstanding Awards of Tsinghua,Recommended by CBEX
 MT-pad ,New Era of PC!Can you imagine playing piano on screen ?  

D-GUI, the natural choice of NUI;
Mouse and keyboard kicked away;
Interface innovation makes mobile looking high.

This is the project, rare and bright.

  MT-pad Project Founder  

    In this great era of information, what people really need is the freedom from the interaction of human beings and computers. The usual input devices, such as keyboards, mouse, touch pads, writing pads and touch screens, are mono-functional, and are satisfying nobody anymore. These devices will be replaces via better ones inevitablely.

    Dynamic Graphical User Interface (D-GUI), is the natural choice of Natural User Interface (NUI), and integrates the advantages of the usual present input devices. D-GUI therefore provides significant convenience to users and starts new era of computers.

    Let us make history happening.

Founder: Xu Min
Xu Min
MT-pad Project First Team Members  

      In recent years, CPU has been becoming quicker and quicker. However, if we can not offer convenient interaction of human beings and computers to users, the value of information technology development could hardly be felt as we think. Computer users are actually being misled, and are unconsciously pursuing higher speed of CPU.

      D-GUI, combines the advantages of present usual input devices. It is not just a simple pack of all these input devices and we can't find any trace of keyboard and mouse. What we feel is right the easiness and the outstanding features. Working is even becoming enjoying.

      D-GUI: Gesture recognition, computer and users interaction, quick inputting and non-pen writing, work without training and reciting, equal easiness for languages of all kinds, free exchange from stroking and drawing, working and enjoying any where, any time.

   Minitech start from input devices, endeavor to innovations of information technology, with our own property of intellectual rights, to offer the best ways of interaction between human beings and computers.

MT-pad Project First Team Members

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