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Biz Plan  (Brief)
Minitech Business
Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park
Tsinghua Alumni
Work Weights more than words!
Chinese Version
 MT-pad  Illustration
    PC MT-pad Illustration of Principles
Illustration of Principles
Man-computer mutual reaction interface illustration
Can touch screens survive any longer ?
Drawing without pens
 Will the soft keyboard hindering our sight
Will consumers need to change habits
How Linux Conquers Windows?
    PC MT-padOutstanding Features
One stroke,one word
Writing & drawing, do as you please!
Do whatever with bare hands!
All languages equal
 One device only
More functions, fewer spendings
 The aged and children, all smiling
 No bowing, use PC healthily
 Rich interface, everything easy
 Wherever, whenever
    Comments on Latest Development of PC Input Technics
 Bugs of keyboards
 Bugs of mouse
 Bugs of touch pad
 Bugs of writing pad
 Bugs of writing pad
User Interface at 3G time
Amazon uses D-GUI


    Analysis of Input Methods and Devices
 Bugs of keyboards
 Bugs of mouse
 Bugs of touch pad
 Bugs of writing pad
 Bugs of touch screens
Bugs of Pinyin Input
 Bugs of five-stroke input
 Bugs of varieties of code input methods
 Bugs of writing input
 Bugs of voice input
 Bugs of OCR's
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1. Download D-GUI Introduction ( New, Word zip file, 908K )
2.Download D-GUI , Dynamic Graphical User Interface (D-GUI), Natural User Interface (UI) ( New, PPT file, 14.22M. )
3. Download D-GUI-Natural User Interface (UI) will Leads IT Revolution ( New, Word zip file, 590K )
4. Download D-GUI Project - Technique, Market and Value ( New, PPT file, 10.8M. Booking only. )
5. Download D-GUI Biz Plan Brief ( New,Word xp zip file, 276K. Booking only. )
6. Download Tsinghua 2002 Startup Competition-D-GUI Project, Minitech ( PDF file, 287K )
1. The price of keyboard and mouse is cheap,can D-GUI survive
2. People are used to keyboard and mouse. Will D-GUI change customer habits ?
3. Is the soft keyboard hindering when it appears on screen ?
4. Will the virtual hands hinder our sights when we use D-GUI ?
5. Since the writing pad is out of main stream, will D-GUI have bright future
6. Will the voice input instead of D-GUI become the main stream ?
7. How shall we protect our intellectual property rights
Protected by PatentsOutstanding Awards of TsinghuaRecommended by CBEX
MT-padNew PC EraCan you imagine playing piano on screen  

D-GUI, the natural choice of NUI;
Mouse and keyboard kicked away;
Interface innovation makes mobile looking high.

This is the project, rare and bright.

Minis & Micros Makes the World